SpongeBob Bikini Bottom

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Bikini Bottom Sports – SpongeBob App for iPhone and iPod ‎Touch!‎

Olympic fever has hit Bikini Bottom – deep down, at the bottom of ‎the Pacific Ocean, the inhabitants of the little town of ‎Bikini Bottom have been infected by competitive fever! The ‎‎“Bikini Bottom Sports” tournament has been declared and, of course, this ‎means that training and competition are the order of the day. This ‎is a very special challenge for SpongeBob: be it hurdles, ‎sprints, big surfing, blowing up puffer fish, making mega flips, ‎tower jumps or a burger eating contest with his best friend ‎Patrick - SpongeBob simply has to be the best! ‎

SPONGEBOB BIKINI BOTTOM SPORTS offers 6 fun competitive ‎disciplines – entirely animated in the original look and with ‎the original sound from the cult series! Use your skill and dexterity to help SpongeBob ‎be successful in all disciplines, plus get ‎the most out of your iPod or iPhone by shaking, turning, swiping and more all in your quest to get Spongebob the victory!

- ‎6 sport disciplines
- The choice between training and championship
- Multiple iPhone controlling features: touch, motion sensors, ‎blowing
- Original animation and music from the cult series