Playtime with Shimmer and Shine

Playtime with Shimmer and Shine
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Boom Zaramay!

Play with Shimmer and Shine in five magical mini-games filled with sparkling adventures! 

Series of 5 mini-games to play with Shimmer, Shine, Leah and more! 

Nahal and Tala's Bathtime 
• Nahal and Tala have gotten mud everywhere! Help scrub them down with soap, wash them off with water from a hose, and towel dry them to make them sparkly and clean again. 

Shimmer and Shine Race to the Finish Line 
• Help Shimmer and Shine avoid obstacles from their magic carpet and collect items to fly to the finish line on time!

Magical Memory 
• Play the classic game of memory by flipping over cards to match all of your favorite characters from Shimmer and Shine. 3 levels to complete! 

Creative Coloring
• Get creative with 4 coloring activity sheets including Shimmer, Shine, Nahal, and Tala! 

Match-up with Shimmer and Shine 
• Find groups of 3 of the same pillow to match up. 9 exciting levels to play! 

• For every game you play and finish you'll earn a sticker! 
• 12 stickers in all to earn 
• All stickers can be used to create your own Shimmer and Shine world on 2 separate landscapes