Howard Donald

Nick Jr. meets Howard Donald

We caught up with Take That star Howard Donald about his latest role, the voice of Wallykazam’s Wizard Jeff.

Nick Jr.: What were some of your favourite shows when you were growing up?

Howard Donald: Cartoons.  Some of my favourite cartoons were Tom and Jerry because that was always very funny, and every time we used to go to my Dad’s we used to watch Tarzan the cartoon.  

Nick Jr.: What do you think makes a great kid’s TV show?

Howard Donald: Something that is very entertaining, something with great characters in it that you can relate to. And probably somebody that’s always pulling faces, for me was always very entertaining.  Someone that looked a little bit strange.    

NJ:  What kind of things do you think kids find really funny?  What makes them laugh?

HD: Again, silly faces, slapstick, comedy, a bit of Tom and Jerry where there’s always a baddie that’s trying to make things go his way, but would never succeed.  

NJ: Is there anything on TV that you are watching right now?

HD: The things that I watch on TV are probably what people find rubbish.  I like a lot of documentaries.  There was one on recently about the psychology of four year olds, which was on TV where they put them in groups in nurseries and they had hidden cameras everywhere and they watched how they worked together and it was quite shocking but very funny as well.  I mean it’s amazing how grown up these kids are. 

Stuff like ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ that gets you hooked, ‘The Hotel’... There’s stuff on Netflix as well like ‘Breaking Bad’ which is great and there’s a new one out at the moment, the spin-off that I’ve started to watch called ‘Better Call Saul’.    

NJ: So, Wizard Jeff, the character that you’re playing is magical.  If you had any magical power what would it be?

HD: My magical power would be to fly like Superman. That’s it. End of. 

NJ: And how do you think Wizard Jeff compares to other famous wizards like Dumbledore or Gandalf?

HD: I think Jeff’s a little bit more of an educational wizard for the kids, which obviously makes great watching. Whereas I think wizards like Dumbledore and Gandalf, they’re more to save their world against dark forces, so it’s a little bit more scary. Not necessarily for young kids! 

NJ: So in the episode Wally and his friends are trying to get giant treats. What’s your favourite treat to yourself?

HD: My favourite treat is American cheesecake or chocolate éclairs.  

NJ: Excellent with a cup of tea – brilliant. 

HD: Oh yes.

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