How To Make Easter a Little Healthier

How To Make Easter A Little Healthier

Whether your household is religious or secular, Easter can be a lovely family celebration of Spring and new beginnings that everyone can look forward to. Too often though, generous friends and relatives present kids with a mountain of chocolate and sweets. No one wants to spoil their fun but there are a few ways you can make the celebrations just a little healthier.


  • Turn your little one’s attention to real eggs rather than the chocolate variety. Make a small hole at the top of a raw egg and a slightly larger hole at the bottom (about 3mm) and blow out the contents into a bowl. You can decorate the shells in so many different ways using pens, paint and glitter and display them around the house. Don’t forget to save the insides to make some scrambled eggs for breakfast or a tasty spring omelette for dinner with peppers, spring onions, tomatoes and courgettes.
  • The humble hot cross bun is now available in so many flavours and but one too many can end up making you cross with yourself! Supermarkets stock ‘lighter’ or diet varieties, but it is just as easy to pick smaller versions, ones made with wholemeal flour or those with a higher proportion of fruit. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not make some gluten free buns at home to try something different? Instead of spreading with a dollop of butter, replace with some sliced banana or raw honey.
  • No one wants to appear ungrateful but why not ask close relatives to consider buying an Easter themed toy or gift instead? From DIY Easter mask or puppet sets though to cuddly bunnies and themed books, the seasonal ranges in shops and supermarkets get better every year, making it easy to find something to suit all ages.
  • Make them work for it! Setting up the traditional Easter egg hunt around the house and garden will help the kids burn off loads more energy than just unwrapping their chocolate. Attaching clues to each egg they find to help them uncover the next one can really get their brains working too!
  • The Easter holidays often mark the return of (slightly) better weather so it’s a great time to be out and about, getting the whole family active. Keep an eye out for details of local farm or country activity centres who will often have lots of baby animals at this time of year as well as themed events which makes them perfect for a trip out over the long bank holiday weekend.
  • Make some of their chocolate go further by melting it and mixing with a little butter and golden syrup to make rice crispy or cornflake nests. That way they’ll be eating a lot less chocolate and enjoying a fun afternoon cooking as well. Or why not use some moulds to make smaller chocolate shapes, bag them up and give to friends, family and neighbours as an Easter treat?
  • A little over indulgence for a couple of days isn’t really the end of the world but it’s best not to make a habit of it, so once the weekend is over relegate the uneaten chocolate and sweets to a ‘treat box’ so it can be dished out by an adult in sensible portions.