Great Ideas For Rainy Days

Great Ideas For Rainy Days

It’s Saturday, you haven’t seen the children all week and it’s time for a quality catch up, except the weather has no intention of playing ball! Unfortunately living in the UK can often mean rain and lots of it. So what on earth is a parent to do when the heavens open, the dreaded word ‘boredom’ is looming and the children are going stir crazy?

There are plenty of ways to keep children occupied when the weather’s dreadful and they don’t need to involve the iPad or watching Frozen for the tenth time this month.

With a little bit of imagination you can create home grown fun in an instant and the best bit is it doesn’t need to cost anything. Take a look at some of these suggestions and before long your little ones will have forgotten about not being able to go outside.


Great British weather bake-off

Children love to get messy in the kitchen and it’s the perfect way to keep them occupied when the weather is less than perfect. Choose a simple cake recipe and get them to cook up their very own creation that can be judged by you. All the better if your little one is channelling their inner Mary Berry.


Setting up camp

You don’t need to be outside to create your very own camp. If you have a small pop-up tent then you can start with that but if not the trusted chairs, clothes horse and bed sheet method works just as well. Fill with cushions and blankets and then put together an indoor picnic with all their favourite foods which can be enjoyed inside their new camp. If you’re feeling brave you can let them sleep there for the night although there may not be much actual ‘sleep’!


Make your own instruments

If you can stand the noise, making your very own musical instruments is a really fun activity that will keep children happy for hours. Tissue boxes and elastic bands can be turned into guitars whilst tin foil cup cases attached to paper plates can make good tambourines. Maracas can be fashioned out of bottles or jars filled with dried rice and pasta.  Then you can sit back and watch your very own house band perform!


Stars in their eyes

Many parents will have heard the familiar cry of ‘come and watch our show!’. Set up a make shift dressing room with lots of clothes from your own wardrobe and other items from the house and encourage the children to dress up as a fun character. Encourage them to make up a song or show and film the results that you can all watch together afterwards.


Shoebox scenes

Dig out some old shoe boxes and challenge children to create their very own scene using paint and pens. From a farmyard scene to a circus, let their imaginations run wild then place the required toys animals, people and other props inside to finish it off.


If you have exhausted all ideas and you don’t mind getting wet then why not throw caution to the wind and brace it and the rain instead? Put on the wellies and waterproofs and set off on your very own rainy adventure. Whether venturing to the local park or further afield, children love jumping in muddy puddles and getting dirty. You can reward the children with tea and cake at the local café and of course indulge in your favourite tipple at the same time. For an easier life, keep some towels and spare socks in the boot of the car...just in case the rain finds a way in! 

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