Getting Set for School

Getting Set For School and Nursery

Starting school or nursery for the first time brings a range of emotions not only for your child but the whole family. One minute you’re excited about the prospect of them making new friends and learning new things and the next you’re worried that they may not be ready.


We’ve compiled a range of tips to help you supporting your little one in the build up to them starting despite the fact your tummy might be doing somersaults!


Becoming Independent

Learning how to do a few things for themselves will help them get off to a good start. If they are beginning nursery, small things like having the confidence to ask for something or knowing when they need to go to the toilet can really help. Most schools provide parents with a list of what is expected from a child when the term starts. Some of the most common being:

  • Dressing themselves – this is so that they can participate in PE lessons without too much help from the teacher. Shoes with Velcro are the best option, avoiding any shoelace nightmares!
  • Playing and sharing with other children – most children will have had experience of this from nursery or playgroups. If they haven’t, try to spend time with friends and family who have so they get used to being in groups
  • Looking after their possessions – once they begin school the list of things they are asked to bring in on any given day can seem endless. Encouraging your child to look after their PE kit, signed letters and show and tell items will help make life easier for everyone


Supporting Your Child

It’s likely that your child may be nervous about starting nursery or school, which is why settling in sessions are so important. Whilst these are a great way for them to meet their carers and teachers and familiarise themselves with their new environment, they may still have moments when they are apprehensive.


Try to remain positive when talking about this new change while taking the time to listen to any anxious feelings they may have. Helping your little one understand that every child feels the same way is important and this is where books can be a real help. There are many books that tell stories about starting both nursery and school. Some of our favourites are ‘Off To School’ by Ann Schweninger and ‘Starting School’ by Janet Ahlberg. For nursery starters George Pig has his own book called ‘George’s First Day At Playgroup’. Make time in the evening to read one with your child before bed and encourage them to talk about the things they are looking forward to.


Why not try Nick Jr. Leap. It has lots fun games based on the Early Years Foundation Stage which can help your child prepare for and practice what they’re learning at school including language, problem solving, friendship, numbers and creative skills.


Trial Run

Why not do a few trial runs before the big day so that you are confident everything will go without a hitch? Getting up, making breakfast, putting on their school uniform and getting out the door can often take a lot longer than anticipated.


Nick Jr. wishes you and your little one the best of luck on this new and exciting adventure!