Get Ready for Halloween

It’s the most spook-tacular time of the year – Halloween is almost here!

If you want to make the most of this traditional fright-fest, it’s time to dig out that witches’ hat and dive into an evening of gruesome games and thrilling treats.

We’ve put together a few Nick Jr. inspired ideas to get you started, whether that means getting your home Halloween-ready, or rolling up your sleeves and making something tasty for those eager trick-or-treaters.



If you’re hosting a party or just want to create a spooky atmosphere, your home needs to look the part. By making your own decorations, you can get the kids involved too. Try cutting out simple bat shapes in black card, or using white plastic bags to create hanging ghosts.

You can also print and cut out some Halloween inspired Peppa Pig decorations or make your own themed bunting. 

No Halloween home is complete without a carved pumpkin. Make yours look really special by using a stencil from Dora or Paw Patrol.


Face Painting

A quick and easy way to transform your little ones into little monsters is by getting out your face paint pots. Vampires, skeletons and witches are always a popular choice. If your child is a Paw Patrol fan, check out our video tutorials of Rubble and Skye facepaint and try them out yourself at home. 



It’s okay to allow a few treats every now and then. However, if you’re struggling to find a healthy alternative to sugary snacks, you can get the kids involved in putting together something fun and fruity.

Dora's got some great ideas for healthy treats and quick recipies

If you fancy some homemade treats, try dipping skewered apples into caramel, or chocolate. You could have optional toppings such as ground nuts or sprinkles. An even sweeter alternative to this is using marshmallows on cocktail sticks in place of the apples.

If you’re letting your kids go trick-or-treating, add a personal touch to their loot bags by attaching one of our special Halloween Dora and Friends and Paw Patrol bag designs. Simply print the design on to iron-on paper, and fix it to a pillowcase or canvas bag of your choice.



It wouldn’t be a celebration without a few themed games. Get the kids together and have some seasonal fun. If your children are a bit older why not try Bubble Guppies Halloween Bingo.


Apple bobbing

You will need: A bag of green apples, a few red apples, a blindfold, a basin of water.

Fill a basin with water and several apples. Make sure that all of the apples in the basin are green, with one red. Allow the kids to take turns bobbing for the apples blindfolded and using only their mouths to pick them up. The aim of the game is to pick up the one red apple. Depending on how many kids are playing, you could try putting a time limit on the game, and offering a prize to the winner.


Pin the Wart on the Witch

You will need: A blindfold, a picture of a witch, some blue tack

This game works similarly to the party classic ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’. Attach a picture of a witch to a door or wall. Each player takes turns sticking a wart on the witch’s nose while wearing a blindfold. Instead of using a traditional pin, you could use a piece of blue tack or something else that’s easy to stick on to the poster.


Scary Spooky Mystery Box

Get an old shoebox and cut a hole in one end big enough for a child’s hand to fit through. Cover the lid and the box with a black bin liner and spooky designs. If you’ve got creative kids ask them to draw something scary to decorate it with. Then make a large jelly filled with pre-wrapped sweets or small toys. Put the jelly in the box, put the lid back on and the little ones take it in turns to put their hand in to find a prize. If you don’t mind the extra mess, a cold tin of spaghetti hoops feels particularly disgusting!


This Halloween if you want to give out something other than sweets you can print our Paw Patrol colouring pack to keep everyone entertained. 


If you’ve got any more great Halloween ideas, let us know in the comments section below. Happy Halloween!