Encouraging Green Fingers

Encouraging Green Fingers

Having trouble getting your children to eat their greens? We’ve all been there and the reality is it can sometimes be incredibly difficult to persuade your little ones to eat any vegetables, let alone the green variety.


Some researchers suggest that when a child grows their own fruit and vegetables they are much more likely to try them and it’s also a great way for them to learn how things grow and where food comes from. With all this in mind, what better excuse do you need to get them growing their own fruit and vegetables?


Simple plant growing activities can give your child the experience of caring for something all on their own, with a little help from you. Show your child how to plant a seed and then allow them the joy of finishing the task. For little ones it’s best to choose quick growing plants such as cress, plus then you will have something you can use to make sandwiches together for your next picnic.


Here are some tips for making your gardening venture a success:


  • Be prepared – if you’re potting things up indoors it can get messy so cover any tables or flooring to minimise the cleaning afterward
  • If you have a garden, why not choose a small dedicated spot that can be their ‘own garden’. Armed with their own seeds and shovel they will love having the responsibility of caring for what they have planted
  • Check out some books from the library that you can read together and decide what to plant when. Onions, tomatoes and strawberries can be planted in spring with delicious salad leaves and peas in the summer
  • A great job to give to really little ones so they don’t feel left out is watering the plants
  • Make your own signs using lollypop sticks so you can write the name of the plant and the date you planted it
  • To chart the progress of the plant, help your child take regular photos. You can then create a scrapbook that they can refer to as they care for their plants
  • When you can reap what you have sowed, why not invite friends and family over so they can all taste what your little one has successfully grown. Researching simple recipes that can put your freshly grown produce to good use will get them from the garden into the kitchen and tasting their very own food