Fun BBQ Ideas For The Family

With the great British summer finally upon us families everywhere are digging out the BBQ, dusting it off and preparing to cook sausages to within an inch of their lives!

If you find you’re getting tired of traditional BBQ food, why not shake things up and try something completely different? You’ll be surprised how many popular things can be cooked on the BBQ and it’s a great way to get the kids involved and excited about their meals.

Here at Nick Jr. we’ve pulled together some of our favourites for you to try this summer. 



We don’t know a child that doesn’t love pizza so imagine our excitement when we discovered you can actually cook them on the BBQ! You’ll need a BBQ with a lid for this and if you have one, a pizza stone. They can be purchased really cheaply at most home or department stores and will help cook the base evenly.

You will need to make the pizza dough from scratch, then lightly flour and oil it before putting it on the BBQ. Cook for a few minutes then oil the other side slightly and flip.  Add tomato sauce and your choice of cheese and then it’s down to the children to get creative with their toppings (opt for just one or two avoid overloading and undercooking) then cook for 2-3 minutes (lid down). Swivel the pizza around, cook for a further 1-2 minutes until the base is crisp and you’ll have your very own barbecued pizzas. Before cutting leave to rest for a few minutes as the cheese will be incredibly hot.


Potato wedges

For a healthier and tastier version of a burger’s best friend, try roasting potato wedges on the grill. Simply toss in olive oil, salt and pepper and any other seasonings you fancy (we like paprika and thyme) then grill on the BBQ for 10 minutes on each side until cooked through. If you want something even healthier opt for sweet potatoes instead.



Easy to make and tasty too, quesadillas are a Mexican dish of tortillas filled with cheese, meat and vegetables. Take a wheat or corn tortilla, brush one side with olive oil and place on the BBQ. Prepare your fillings in advance – grated cheese, cooked chicken, chorizo, onions and peppers all work really well, then place a second tortilla on the top and flatten. Once cooked on the underside, drizzle more olive oil on the top of your quesadilla and flip to cook on the other side. Once cooked, cut into slices like a pizza and serve with salsa and a crisp salad.


Garlic bread

Take a selection of your favourite breads, slice and spread with a combination of butter, garlic and salt and pepper before placing on the BBQ. Grill until the griddle lines appear on each side, sprinkle with parsley and serve.


Fruity treats

No meal is complete without a tasty dessert. Most fruits can be cooked on the BBQ providing you with a unique dessert in minutes.

  • Try bananas, sliced lengthways with the peel still on, cook for a few minutes, remove the peel and serve with ice cream and chocolate sauce
  • Pineapple sliced into rounds, brushed with honey and grilled until brown are delicious. Sprinkle with cinnamon for an extra kick.
  • Finally, why not try refreshing watermelon. Cut into slices, brush with olive oil and grill for three minutes on each side. Serve with freshly squeezed lemon juice, chopped mint, yoghurt or whipped cream for a really indulgent treat



As you know children can easily become dehydrated in hot weather so it’s important to make sure they are drinking regularly. For something a little more special why not make your own homemade lemonade? With so many recipes available on the internet it’s simple to make and a favourite with children and adults alike. Or go for a fruity punch combining fresh fruit juices, ice, orange and lemon slices topped with fresh strawberries is always a hit.  There are so many combinations to try you can encourage your children to experiment until they find their favourite.


If your little one loves Dora why not try cooking some of her recipes together. Add some crunchy coleslaw  or chicken salad to your BBQ. For something sweeter try strawberry sundaes and frozen yoghurt


Happy BBQ-ing!