Autumn Outdoor Games

Autumn Outdoor Games

Summer may be over but there’s still time to enjoy the outdoors before we get hit with freezing temperatures and sideways rain. Whether you have your own garden or head down to the local park, here are some of our favourite outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family!


Assault Course

Using simple household and garden items you can create your own assault course. Use a stopwatch to time each other or make the course more difficult each round to arrive at a winner. If there’s a large group of you why not make teams and create obstacles that encourage children to work together.

  • Board or plank to make a balance beam
  • Skipping rope or garden hose to act as a tightrope
  • Pop-up tunnels to crawl through
  • Ropes tied to trees for swinging
  • Bricks and sticks for hurdles
  • Water balloons to throw at a target
  • Bubble Gauntlet – if you’re in a big group create a gauntlet by standing in two lines facing each other around 6 feet apart. Blow bubbles into the middle as the other team run through ducking and diving to avoid touching by the bubbles. For more Bubble details check out Bubble Guppies Bubble Blow Out
  • Blanket Gauntlet – another one that’s great if there are lots of you. Those not running the course take corners of a bedsheet and wave it up and down  for the others to run through


Nature and Number Hunts

Encouraging children to explore their natural environment is a great way for them to learn more about the animals, birds and creep crawlies. Challenge them to find a minimum of five creatures taking pictures of them or even drawing them. Ben and Holly have a fun tick list you can use and also have a guide on how to make your own wildlife watcher 

If numbers are more their thing Team Umizoomi have some mini scavenger hunts that can be done when out and about  


Chalk Games

A bumper pack of coloured chalks can provide children with hours of fun. Ask the children to draw things along a theme such as under the sea or being in space and they can create their own mural. Hopscotch is always a winner and if your children are fans of Peppa Pig, why not try her Patio Puddles chalk game.


Water Slide

Call us optimistic but just in case another sunny day pops up make the most of it and create your own water slide. Simply lay down a roll of the largest bin liners you can get your hands on and run the hose along it to ensure it’s nice and wet. If you’re feeling brave a little soap added to the water to guarantee a fast ride! Towels or something else soft to stop those speeding towards the end are a must!